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Liquor for the Same Price as In-Store, Delivered to Your Door


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Download the app and browse our wide selection of products for free.

Affordable Delivery

The delivery fee starts at $5.95 and is much more affordable than a cab or a DUI!

Liquor Store Prices

All of our products are the same price as in-store – guaranteed.

Let us do the driving.

Download Designated Delivery and let us do the driving. Currently serving Calgary, Saskatoon, Kelowna, part of West Kelowna, Regina, Eagle Bay + area, and Moose Jaw. See our location hours.

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Easy to Use

Shop local liquor stores from the comfort of your own home.

Collect Points

Points are rewarded with every purchase and go towards discounts on future deliveries!

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Track Your Order

Track your order in real-time and see when it will arrive at your door.

Don't Risk It

Don’t risk getting behind the wheel when you need to restock, we’ve got you covered.

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