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First up we’ve got a brief little history lesson for you. But it involves alcohol and weed, so it’s interesting.

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We started working on Designated Delivery in August of 2017. In the beginning, the idea was for a cannabis delivery app when Canada was coming up for legalization. We still plan to add cannabis when we can. But because of regulations and app store policies, for now we just deliver alcohol – and snacks, mix, and other things available from our partner liquor stores.

In August 2017 there was no competition in Kelowna or Saskatoon for alcohol delivery through an app. Unfortunately for us, sometime between then and February 2019 when we launched in the app store, a certain food delivery app called Skip the Dishes started to add liquor delivery in Kelowna.

That’s okay, nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. It gives us the opportunity to be the best.

While we don’t like to be compared to this other app, sometimes it happens. Like with this particular headline before we launched:

Pot delivery app headline

Or with this comment on Facebook:

Facebook Comment


We have a lot to say to this comment. Skip’s delivery fee from the liquor stores available in Kelowna ranges from $4.99 – $5.49. Our delivery fee is $5.95 for almost all of Kelowna. The fee increases to $7.95 for long distances; areas that Skip does not deliver to. This means that our delivery fee is either less than a dollar more than Skip’s, or that we are making alcohol delivery available to an area where there are no other options for a couple more dollars. This comment also gets me because despite the slightly higher delivery fee that goes straight to our drivers, we know that the overall price will be lower when you order through Designated Delivery. We are partnered with OK Corral liquor store which offers government priced liquor, and we don’t mark up our prices. When browsing through each app and comparing prices, ours might initially seem higher. That’s because all of our prices include taxes and bottle deposits. We did this because we all hate online shopping and having a price in our head that we’re comfortable with, and then being shocked at checkout when we see the new and much higher total with taxes, deposits, and fees.

Here we’ll compare the total price when ordering the same product(s) with each app. You’ll see that the few cents saved on delivery fee with the other guys translates to several dollars more at checkout. Swipe right to see all price comparisons.

Designated Delivery / Skip the Dishes Price Comparison

  • Designated Delivery cheaper than Skip the Dishes

Just to recap, that’s a savings of..

$14.47 when you order a bottle of Absolut and a bottle of Crown Royal
$13.23 when you order a case of Corona and a case of Budweiser
$13.27 when you order a case of Hey Y’alls and a bottle of Jägermeister
$8.02 when you order a 24 pack of Canadian
$5.99 when you order a couple 6 packs of White Claws

Price difference will vary depending on the store you are ordering from through Skip the Dishes. But our price will be the lowest.

What Sets Designated Delivery Apart

  1. Lowest prices
  2. We don’t mark up product prices – they are the same as in store
  3. Our prices include taxes and bottle deposits while browsing
  4. Our users collect DD Points with every purchase to go towards future free deliveries
  5. We have a promotions page showing all items currently on sale
  6. Way more selection of products
  7. We’re local! Launched in Kelowna and Saskatoon by three cousins; one of whom lives in Kelowna
  8. We give a tip option after the delivery is complete. Who wants to tip someone before they’ve even done anything for you!?
  9. We check I.D. to ensure that we don’t deliver to minors

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