Welcome DD Drivers!

Thank you for joining the Designated Delivery crew.

We want your experience driving for us to be a very positive and profitable one. If you ever have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to reach out.

Latest Updates

April 22, 2020

Follow Route Order

Please make sure to follow the order that deliveries are listed in after you click the 'Leaving Store' button to ensure efficiency and accurate ETAs for all customers.

April 1, 2020

COVID-19 Delivery Notes

  • Practice good hygiene
  • Keep your distance from customers and do not enter their homes
  • Set order down on step rather than handing directly to customer
  • Don't touch customer's ID, let them hold it for you to check while keeping your distance
  • Many people are requesting contact-free deliveries. Be sure to keep an eye on customer notes for each order. For example, some will say "I will show you my ID through my front door window." You still need to check ID and collect their signature, but this can be done without any contact.

First Things First

The first thing you're going to need to do is download the app (if you haven't already) and create an account. Let us know the email address associated with your account so that we can add you as a driver. Once you're added you'll see a little Driver icon in the bottom left of the app - this is where you'll go to check in to your shift and see your orders. Once you're shift is over you can check out and then go to Settings (bottom right) and click on 'End Shift'. You don't need to click on 'End Shift' after a shift is over, this is just so that you can access the customer side of the app once again.

Location Services

Location services must be turned to ALWAYS on for the DD app. This is so that customers can track their order even if your phone is asleep or your app is closed. *We do not track your location when you are checked out of the app/off shift. We truly don’t care where you are when you’re not delivering for us :P

Apple - Location Services
Settings Privacy Location Services DDelivery - Must be set to Always

Make sure 'Precise Location' is also switched on.

Android - Location Permission
Settings Apps DDelivery Permissions Location - Check ‘Allow’


Again, these settings only affect your phone while you are on shift and won’t affect your battery when you are off shift and the app is closed.

Apple - Background Refresh Setting
Settings General Background App Refresh - Make sure Background App Refresh is turned On and toggled on for the DDelivery app.

Android - Background Use
Settings Apps DDelivery Battery - Make sure that ‘Allow background activity’ is toggled on.

Android - Background Data Usage
Settings Apps DDelivery Mobile data - Make sure that ‘Allow background data usage’ and ‘Allow app while Data saver on’ are toggled on.


Make sure notification settings are turned on for the DDelivery app so that you will be notified when an order comes in. You will also receive a text message, so ensure that the phone number in your account settings is accurate.

Tip: After you receive your first order notification text, save that number in your contacts as 'DD Order!' or something similar. Edit that contact's notification sound to be different (and more obnoxious) than your other text notifications so as soon as you hear that sound you will know.


In the future we will have scheduling and shift notifications tied in to the DD app. We currently use an app called Sling for scheduling. You will receive an invite to Sling with the subject line “You are invited to join Designated Delivery on Sling”. Click on the “Set up my account” button in the email and create a password.

Sling Scheduling welcome email

Now you should download the Sling app on your phone and sign in to your account.

Download Sling for iOS Download Sling for Android

With the Sling app you can view your schedule and also schedule time off.

Schedule Time Off

  1. Tap on the ‘Shifts’ tab on the bottom navigation
  2. Tap on the three dots in the top right corner
  3. ‘Schedule time off’

If you are ever scheduled for a shift that doesn't work for you, let Sam know.

Notification Settings

By default you will be sent a push notification from the Sling app when a new shift has been added to your schedule. The new shift notification will also appear in the Dashboard of the app. Under Settings you can also turn on ‘Notify via email’ to get an email notification if you wish. Don’t turn off notifications.

Enable Shift Alarms

Make sure that shift alarms are turned on as they serve as a great reminder to check in (on the Designated Delivery app) before your shift.

  1. ‘More’ on bottom navigation of Sling app
  2. 'Settings'
  3. Make sure that the ‘Enable shift alarms’ is toggled on, and set to 15 minutes before your shift starts.

It can be easy to forget to Check in before a shift but it is very important as if no drivers are checked in then customers can’t place an order. It is good practice to check in as soon as you get this shift notification.

If you are scheduled to drive at the start of our delivery hours it doesn’t matter how early you check in, no orders will come through until delivery hours begin. If you are scheduled for a later shift, after delivery hours have already begun, then as soon as you check in you will be placed in the queue to receive orders. In this case you should check in 5 minutes before your shift.

Before Your Shift

  1. Make sure that your sound, notifications and data are turned on.
  2. Turn off wifi while you’re driving so that it doesn’t argue with data and cause connectivity issues.
  3. Open the Designated Delivery App and click on the ‘Driver’ tab at the bottom left of the home screen.
  4. Check-in to your shift. Make sure that you are checked in at least 5 minutes before the start of your shift.

Short Instructions

  1. When you get an order notification/text, pick up order from store
  2. Click ‘Leaving Store’ button
  3. Check to see if there are any Customer Notes to be aware of
  4. Click customer’s address to open map/directions and drive to customer
  5. Click on ‘Arrived at Delivery Address’ - this will notify customer that the order has arrived and to have their ID and phone ready
  6. Knock on door, buzz apartment, etc. or phone customer if necessary
  7. Check that customer's ID matches the name and birthday shown on your driver app
  8. Have them open the DD app and click ‘Request Signature’ on your driver app
  9. Once they sign and the checkmark beside ‘Signature has been provided’ on your driver app turns green pass them their order
  10. ‘Mark Complete’


Detailed Instructions

  1. Wait for your first order notification
    • You don't need to be waiting at the store at the beginning of your shift or between orders, but you must be available and ready to go to the store when an order comes in.
  2. Pick up your order from the liquor store
    1. The store employee(s) will have the order ready for you. If there are multiple orders keep them separate and be sure to check that you are dropping off the right products with each delivery. The store employees will have an order number attached to the bag or box of the order. There is a 'Details' button beside the order number in your app which shows what's in the order if necessary. Make sure you are picking up the right order numbers as there could be orders waiting there for other drivers.
  3. Ready to start delivering?
    • Click the big blue button at the bottom of the screen that says ‘Leaving Store’. Clicking this button is important as it will update the ETA for the customer.
    • Click on the delivery address link to get directions.
    • Customer notes (if provided) and phone number are available to help you find the place if necessary.
  4. Deliver the order to your customer
    • When you arrive at the address, click on the ‘Arrived at delivery address’ button. This will go to a page that includes the customer's name and birth date.
    • Knock on door, ring buzzer if applicable, or call customer’s phone if necessary.
    • Ask the customer for ID and match to the name and birth date on the app.
    • Ask the customer to open the DD app on their phone so that you can get their signature. Click on the blue 'Request Signature' button. You might have to click that Request button a couple times if it doesn’t come up for them at first.
    • Your customer will be prompted to sign for the order on their phone with a signature popup.
    • Once they sign and click 'Send' and the checkmark turns green beside ‘Signature has been provided’ on your driver app, you can give them their order.
    • Click the ‘Mark Complete’ button.
  5. Repeat
  6. Click the ‘Check-out’ button on the New tab once your shift is over. You can then go to the account page and click end shift. Ending shift isn’t necessary after you check out but that’s how you return to the customer side of the app. Do not check out before the end of your set shift time. If you have an emergency and you need to check-out before your shift is over, let Sam know immediately.

Important Notes

  • Signature Won't Work? If the signature won't send and the checkmark doesn't turn green for you, it's usually because of internet issues for the customer. Ask them to turn their wifi off as the weak signal might be causing the issue and try again. If it still won't work, you can just click the checkmark yourself so that it turns green and mark the order as complete.
  • Multiple Drivers. There will often be multiple drivers on at the same time. So when you go to pick up your order(s) at the store, make sure you're picking up the right order numbers (as shown in app) as there will likely be some orders sitting there for the other driver(s) as well.
  • Multiple Orders. You will often have multiple orders at one time. The app will calculate the best delivery route for the stops, just drop them off in the order that they are listed on the app after you click Leaving Store. When you arrive at a delivery make sure you are hitting 'Arrived' on the correct order so it notifies the correct customer.
  • New Order After You've Left Store? Scenario: You've picked up some orders, clicked 'Leaving Store' and left the store (but haven't started delivering and are still nearby) and another new order comes in. Click on the green 'Pick up' link next to the new order in the New tab and it will be added to the Current tab (see screenshot). Only pick up a new order if you are just leaving the store and haven't begun your other deliveries. If you pick up a new order in the middle of doing other orders, everyone's ETAs will be inaccurate. Please finish any remaining orders before returning to the store for your new order(s).
  • End of Shift. The time that your shift is scheduled to end is the time that orders will no longer come through for you, not necessarily when you will be done driving. If your shift is scheduled to end and 8:00pm and an order comes in at 7:55pm, you will be done and can check out once that order is delivered. If you need to be done driving by a certain time let your manager know.
  • Tips. Customers are prompted to tip once the delivery is complete, make sure to be friendly and make your delivery in good time to encourage them to tip well. They will get a notification and the next time they open the app will see a popup for tipping. This popup will show up in their app until they either tip or choose not to. This means that it is possible to get a tip hours or even days after the delivery if the customer ignores the notification or doesn’t open the app right away. You can see your tips for each order by clicking 'View Details' on the order in the 'Complete' tab.
  • Pay. You will be paid semi-monthly on the 15th and the last day of every month. Example: on February 15th you will be paid for January 16th - 31st shifts, and on February 28th you will be paid for February 1st - 15th shifts. You will receive a summary email when you check out after your shift which will include the amount of tips for that day.
  • Freezing/Crashing Issues? See Issues & Troubleshooting.


Check-in before your shift so that orders can be directed to you.

Once you've driven to the store and picked up your order(s), click 'Leaving Store'. This will update the ETA for your customer.

If another order comes in after you've clicked Leaving Store, you can pick up the order and click 'Pickup' so that it will be added to the Current tab.

Click on the delivery address to open maps and get directions.

Click on 'Arrived at delivery address' when you get there. If you have multiple orders, make sure you click the button on the correct order. This will notify the customer that their order has arrived.

Check that the customer's ID matches the name and birthdate shown on your app. Have them open their app and click 'Request Signature'. They will get a signature popup which they can sign with their finger and click send.

Once their signature goes through, the checkmark beside 'Signature has been provided.' will turn green and you can mark complete. If the signature popup doesn't appear for them, or the checkmark doesn't turn green after they've clicked send, see issues and troubleshooting.

The ‘Completed’ tab on the app will show orders for the last month with details showing delivery fee and tip amounts. In the future we will have a web portal for you to view history of all orders and money made.

After your shift is over and if you have no active orders, click the 'Check-out' button. If you forget to check out you could end up getting an order the next day when the store opens.

After you've checked out you can go to Account in the bottom navigation and click 'End Shift'. This isn't necessary but will allow you to access the customer side of the app.

Issues & Troubleshooting

Signature Popup Issues

The most common issue you may encounter...

The signature popup won't appear for the customer. Sometimes you may have to click the 'Request Signature' button on your driver app a few times for it to show up for the customer. If it still won't show up, it is likely due to the customer's internet connection (especially if they are outside or in an apartment building). Ask them to temporarily turn off their wifi and try again. If issue persists, see '*Mark signature as provided:' image below.

The customer has signed and clicked send, but your checkmark hasn't turned green. You still need to be able to 'Mark Complete'. So if the checkmark beside 'Signature has been provided' doesn't turn green, even after the customer has signed and clicked send, you can tap on the checkmark to make it turn green*. Then you will be able to mark the order as complete.

*Mark signature as provided:

Miscellaneous Issues

Try these possible solutions if you are having freezing, crashing or notification issues. These are in order from most easy fix to most involved.

  • Make sure that your wifi is turned off while you're driving
  • Toggle airplane mode on and back off
  • Kill the app and reopen
  • Log out and back in (you can do this while you have an existing order, you just can't check out)
  • Restart your phone

If these don't work and issues persist, let us know.

Safety & Returns

If you ever feel uncomfortable or unsafe, remove yourself from the situation and if necessary, call 911.

Report any inappropriate behaviour to us and the customer will immediately be removed from our app and if necessary, reported to the police.

Order Return

There are some times when you should return the order to the store and let us know so that we can remove the order from your app. If this happens, you will be paid a restocking fee of $10.

  • When the customer is intoxicated. If the person is obviously drunk it is illegal and irresponsible to serve them.
  • If after 5 minutes and repeated attempts, the customer is not available to collect their order.
  • The person trying to collect the order does not match the ID on the order, they cannot provide ID, or you suspect that they are under age.*

*Use your best judgement here. Sometimes the person's ID won't match the account that placed the order because they ordered on their husband's account for example. If they can provide ID and are of age then just let them know that normally you need to match the ID to the account holder.

COVID-19 Delivery Notes

  • Practice good hygiene
  • Keep your distance from customers and do not enter their homes
  • Set order down on step rather than handing directly to customer
  • Don't touch customer's ID, let them hold it for you to check while keeping your distance
  • Many people are requesting contact-free deliveries. Be sure to keep an eye on customer notes for each order. For example, some will say "I will show you my ID through my front door window." You still need to check ID and collect their signature, but this can be done without any contact.


If you have any questions, comments or issues before or during your shift please call Sam. Non-emergency questions or comments can be sent via text or email.

(306) 962-2232