We’ve extended our delivery hours to better serve you for the long weekend! You can also use the coupon code AUGLONG to receive one free delivery, valid from Friday to Monday. We wish you all a safe and happy long weekend. And if you choose to drink, let us do the driving.

Saskatoon Delivery Hours

Saturday, August 3 12pm – 1am
Sunday, August 4 12pm – 12am
Monday, August 5 2pm – 11pm

Kelowna Delivery Hours

Saturday, August 3 12pm – 10:15pm
Sunday, August 4 12pm – 10:15pm
Monday, August 5 6pm – 10:15pm

Why do Kelowna’s alcohol delivery hours stop at 10:15??

Good question. Liquor stores in British Columbia are required by law to close at 11:00pm. By cutting off our delivery time at 10:15pm we allow drivers time to get back to the store to pick up your order before it closes.