Looking for unique, covid-friendly Christmas gift ideas?

How about a bottle of their favourite adult beverage – delivered! Christmas might be a little different this year. But you can still let your loved ones know that you’re thinking of them from a distance with Designated Delivery. Shop our huge selection of beer, wine & spirits and get whatever you choose sent to someone who deserves it. The recipient will have 25 days to accept the gift, so they can have it delivered whenever is most convenient for them!

Gifted alcohol delivery is available in Saskatoon, Regina, Kelowna and Calgary with the Designated Delivery app.

How to Send a Gift Delivery

send alcohol delivery as a gift

  1. Open the Designated Delivery app [iOS] [Android] and click on the ‘Send Gift Delivery’ button on the main screen
  2. Fill in the lucky recipient’s information (name, email address, phone number and city)
  3. Shop for the gift and pay

The person will then be notified via text and email that they’ve received a gift with instructions on how to accept it. They will need to download the app to accept the gift, where they’ll also be able to track the order once it’s on its way.

Send a Note
If you choose to send a note along with your gift, it will be included in the email notification we send to them.

The lucky recipient won’t know what you’ve sent until it arrives at their door. What a nice little surprise.


Why can’t I just get the gift delivered to their door as a surprise?

With alcohol delivery, we need to make sure that the people we serve are of legal drinking age and that they are home to receive their order. We can’t (ethically or legally) leave a delivery at someone’s door. For these reasons, anyone receiving a gift delivery will need to create an account with the Designated Delivery app to claim their gift with the code they will receive. This ensures that they will be home and available at the time of the delivery, and able to provide ID.

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Recipients must be of legal drinking age. If they are not, the order will not be delivered and a $10 restocking fee will be charged. If the gift is not claimed within 25 days, the order will be cancelled and a 15% restocking fee will be charged (the rest will be refunded).

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